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"I Love my Gitingas beach bag. It holds everything and is perfectly durable against sand & sea." ~ Regan Brown

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Kathy Hyatt

These bags are the bomb!!! The water-resistant fabric is perfect for any wet climate. The beach bag is so versatile -- it can be used as a beach bag, travel bag, computer bag, diaper bag, etc., etc. And, you look fabulous too. Best of all, you are supporting a marvelous program -- Prisoner of Hope -- where participating prisoners have a means of supporting their families while in prison and have a job when they get out. This program is so successful that none of the participants have re-offended after they were released. So, it's a great bag and your money goes to supporting a very good cause. What more could you ask for -- besides another bag !!!

Deborah Dean-Alvarez

Attractive, sturdy, reasonably priced & the whole premise is to help others who may have a troubled past.

Carol Collins

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