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About Gitingas

Gitingas is a small company founded in 2015 in Guanacaste, Costa Rica by two women who combined their art and innovative ideas to create the ultimate beach bag.

Since then, Gitingas has grown into a socially conscious business with a product line that now not only includes the original Gitingas beach bag, but a bag for every occasion, all inspired by the beauty of Costa Rica.

Our Products

The Gitingas Beach Bag is the product that started it all. It was designed to be the ultimate beach bag, a perfect marriage of function and aesthetics utilizing natural imagery and local elements in their design. 

Gitingas has since expanded to include women's backpacks, fanny packs, travel wallets, crossbody bags, and more. 

All products are made out of a water resistant vinyl mesh material, using the highest quality products available, and featuring original photography by Gitingas founder Rhonda Cardella.

Whether you're looking for a water resistant beach bag with a zipper for your next vacation or a new travel wallet to hold all of your belongings, Gitingas has the stylish tropical-inspired product for you.