Human Hope

Gitingas creates colorful, durable, water resistant beach and boat bags, kangaroo pouches and other accessories with photographic images of Costa Rica. The art is then custom printed on our materials in San Jose, CR. After that, it is taken over to our manufacturer, Human Hope, where each bag is hand crafted.

Human Hope is a social sustainability program that trains qualified prisoners in various vocational skills and teaches them basic business principals, so they are set up for success after their incarceration. This program dramatically decreases the rate of recidivism.

One of the things we like best about Human Hope is that a portion of the money that we pay for the work they do goes directly to the families of the men who are doing the work for Gitingas. The children therefore learn that it is possible to do well in life without having to resort to crime, in turn positively impacting quality of life for families in Costa Rica in the future.

We are able to produce custom bags with images specific to your area utilizing our artwork or artwork from our clients, provided it meets specifications to insure superior quality. There are various different ways we can incorporate logos onto our bags as well. Please allow ample time for custom orders.

As business owners, we are happy to support the country that we so enjoy. Pura Vida.